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Argentyn 23 is een Hydrosol met veel kleinere partikels zie info hieronder:
Ingredients: Silver
Other Ingredients: Sterile ultra-pure water Dosage and Use: 1 teaspoon three times daily on an empty stomach, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Hold in mouth for a minute or two, then swallow.
Time of Day: Any time.
Quantity Needed for One-Month Supply: 2 bottles
Cautions:  we’ve never seen a case of silver overload (agyria) from the use of this product or any other well-made silver preparation. The only side effects that we have seen when using silver have occurred in high-dose intravenous (IV) treatments.  There are reports that silver preparations can be irritating to the liver, though we have not received any from our patients.  We recommend taking some liver healers with Argentyn 23 if treating for hepatitis.
What it Does/How it Works:
A colloid is defined as particles which remain suspended without forming a dissolved (“ionic”) solution.
The smaller the particle size, the more biologically active silver becomes in the human body. This is because the smaller the particle size, the larger the surface area becomes.  Increases surface area allows for increased interactions. 
Argentyn 23 has the lowest particle size of any silver preparation, averaging 8 angstroms (0.0008 microns). The concentration is 23 ppm – professional strength. 
Argentyn 23 is an ultra-pure hydrosol (a type of colloid that only uses water along with the silver ions).
Argentyn 23 is the finest silver preparation on the market.
Argentyn 23 is designed to provide precise levels of functional silver in safe and non-toxic ranges. It contains only silver metal ions and ultra-pure water, and the silver content is 99.99% pure. Unlike other colloidal silver products on the market today, Argentyn 23 silver hydrosol is a Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol completely free of extraneous substances such as silver proteins, stabilizers, nitrates, or other silver compounds.
Silver is extremely versatile in its uses.  Practically tasteless, it can easily be given to children.  It is remedy of choice in early stage MRSA cases.  It is safe yet powerful treatment.